Project Consultations

We can help you with your DIY project

At Mid-Michigan Supply, we go beyond just renting equipment; we offer personalized project consultations tailored to DIY enthusiasts embarking on small to medium-sized excavation or landscaping projects.

Our expert team is ready to provide hands-on support right where you need it – at your project site. During our consultation, we'll discuss your project in detail, helping you outline a clear list of tasks to achieve your desired outcome.

We'll recommend the appropriate equipment and materials from our extensive inventory, ensuring you have everything necessary for a smooth and successful project. Our goal is to not only equip you with the right tools but also the right plan. This means answering any questions you might have and offering practical advice based on our expertise.

With Mid-Michigan Supply's project consultations, you'll be well-prepared to tackle your project with confidence, ensuring you achieve the results you envision.

Project Consultations

Our consultations can help you plan and execute your DIY project successfully

#1.  On-Site Visit: Our experts will drive to your project location, ensuring we understand the environment and context of your project firsthand.

#2.  One-Hour Comprehensive Consultation: We dedicate up to one hour to thoroughly discuss and plan your project with you. This includes:

  • Scope of Work: We'll go over the overall objectives and outcomes you're aiming for with your project.
  • Safety Hazards Identification: Assessing potential safety risks and discussing how to mitigate them is a key part of our consultation.
  • Project Requirements: Understanding the broader needs of your project, including time, budget, and end goals.
  • Specific Tasks Breakdown: We'll outline the specific tasks that need to be completed, ensuring a clear and structured approach to your project.
  • Materials Measurement and Estimation: Our team will measure the project area to provide an accurate estimate of the materials needed, helping you understand how many yards of each material are required.

#3.  Equipment List Provision: Based on our discussion and assessment, we'll provide a tailored list of equipment that will best suit the needs of your project.

#4.  Delivery and Pickup Options: We offer the convenience of delivering and picking up the rental equipment as required for your project. *delivery/pickup charges apply.

#5.  Q&A Session: We're there to answer any questions you might have, providing clarity and confidence as you start on your project.

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